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Ann Singleton
University of Bristol

Ann’s work focuses on international migration data, the production of knowledge on migration and the development of migration and asylum policy. She has advised the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and EU Presidencies, national governments, NGOs and international organizations.
Between 1996 and 2002 she developed the Eurostat database on international migration and asylum. From 2002 to 2004 she was responsible for policy on statistics in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Justice and Home Affairs. She wrote the European Commission’s Action Plans on migration and asylum statistics, prepared the first EU online annual report on migration and asylum and pioneered, with Eurostat, the first EU legislation on statistics on migration and international protection.

Selected Publications:

Prabhat, D, Singleton, A & Eyles, R, (2019), ‘Age is Just a Number? Supporting Migrant Young People with Precarious Legal Status in the UK’. International Journal of Children’s Rights, vol 27., pp. 228-250

Ingleby, D, Singleton, A & Wickramage, K, (2019), ‘Is it time to phase out UNDESA’s regional criterion of development?’. International Migration.

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Singleton, Ann (2017) (ed) ‘Global Migration Group Migration and Development Data Handbook’. World Bank/KNOMAD/GMG. New York

Singleton, A, Robins, S, Kovras, I, Grant, S, Carrasco-Heiermann, A & Mirto, G, (2016), ‘Missing Migrants in the Mediterranean: Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis. Summary Report’. in: Missing Migrants in the Mediterranean: Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis., pp. 1-14.

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Singleton, A. (2016). ‘Migration and Asylum Data for Policy: The problem with the numbers’. Policy Briefing Paper, Centre for European Policy Studies. Brussels. (Downloaded 3,757 times).

Singleton, Ann (2015) ‘Speaking truth to power? Why civil society, beyond academia, remains marginal in EU policy debates on migration’. in. Scholten, P. Entzinger, H, Penninx, R., Verbeek, S. (Eds.) Integrating Immigrants in Europe. IMISCOE Research Series, Springer.


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