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Assistant Professor Alleson Mason
University of Winnipeg

Alleson Mason is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Winnipeg. Dr. Mason’s work explores the experiences of Black students and communities engaging with education and schooling in Canada. She uses critical social theories to examine the ways in which Black students and communities demonstrate agency by creating and activating resources used to address the challenges they face, improve the socioeconomic outcomes, health, and wellbeing of Black communities in Canada, and to make valuable contributions to Canada and other countries.

Selected Publications:

Fouche, C., Richter, S., Vallianatos, H., Mason, A., Fernandez-Sanchez, H., Mazzucato, V.,
Kariwo, M., & Salami, B. (Accepted). African immigrant child health: A scoping
review. Journal of Migration and Health.

Salami, B., Mason, A., Salma, J., Yohani, S., Amin, M., Okeke-Ihejirika, P., & Ladha, T.
(2020). Access to healthcare for immigrant children in Canada. International Journal of
Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(9), 3320. 10.3390/ijerph17093320

Mason, A., Salami, B., Salma, K., Yohani, S, Amin, M., Okeke-Ihejirika, P., Ladha, T. (2020).
Health information seeking among immigrants in Western Canada. Journal of Paediatric
Nursing, 58, 9-14.