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Dr. Afua Twum-Danso Imoh
University of Bristol

Afua’s interest in childhood stems from my MSc in Development Studies at the London School of Economics where her dissertation explored the involvement of children in the civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia. This research led her to develop an interest in the very notion of childhood and how it is understood by different societies and the implications this has for dominant children’s rights and child protection discourses. As a result, she embarked on a PhD programme at the Centre of West African Studies at the University of Birmingham where her research sought to elicit the perceptions of local communities on children’s rights, the constructions of childhood and the socialization of children and explored the implications for the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in two communities in Accra, Ghana: Nima and Bukom. Following the completion of her PhD in May 2008, Afua took up her first lecturership at the University of Sheffield in September 2008 as a Lecturer in the Sociology of Childhood. In january 2020 Afua took up the position of Senior Lecturer in Global Childhoods and Welfare in the School for Policy Studies.
Afua holds a BA (Hons) in History and Sociology (University of Manchester), a MSc in Development Studies (the London School of Economics and Political Science) and a PhD in African Studies (the University of Birmingham).

Selected Publications:

Twum-Danso Imoh, A. (2020). Situating the rights vs. culture binary within the context of colonial history in sub Saharan Africa. In Oxford Handbook on Children’s Rights Law Oxford University Press.

Twum-Danso Imoh, A., & Okyere, S. (2020). Towards a More Holistic Understanding of Child Participation: Foregrounding the Experiences of Children in Ghana and Nigeria. Children and Youth Services Review, 112, [104927].

Twum-Danso Imoh, A. (2019). Terminating childhood: dissonance and synergy between global children’s rights norms and local discourses about the transition from childhood to adulthood in Ghana. Human Rights Quarterly, 41(1), 160-182.

Twum-Danso Imoh, A. (2018). ‘Introduction: Exploring children’s lives beyond the binary of the global North and global South’, In Global Childhoods Beyond the North-South Divide Palgrave Macmillan.

Growing up Colonial in the Gold Coast (Ghana). (2018). Funded by the British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship scheme. To access the film please visit: or


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