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Dr. Jill Thompson
University of Sheffield

Dr Jill Thompson is a senior lecturer (Associate Professor) at the University of Sheffield, UK. Jill has over 15 years’ experience as a qualitative health researcher. During the last 4 years, Jill’s work has increasingly focussed on children’s health experiences in international contexts. In 2017, she led an International WUN collaboration to explore the literature on migrant children’s perspectives of their health and health experiences. Currently, Jill has projects exploring child/youth migration and health experiences with colleagues in Ghana, Nepal, and Fiji/Samoa/New Zealand.

Relevant Publications:

Spencer, G., Smith, M., Hoare, K., Fouché, C., & Thompson, J. (2020). Health experiences of child migrants in the Western Pacific region. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 1-13.

Thompson, J., Fairbrother, H., Spencer, G et al. (2019) Promoting the health of children and young people who migrate: Reflections from four regional reviews. Global Health Promotion.

Spencer, G., Smith, M., Thompson, J., Fairbrother, H., Hoare, K., Fouche, C. & Curtis, P. (2018) The health experiences of children and young people who migrate – identifying opportunities for health education. Health Education Journal. The special issues: Health Education in Migrant and Refugee Communities.

Curtis, P., Thompson, J. & Fairbrother, H. (2018) Migrant children within Europe: a systematic review of children’s perspectives on their health experiences. Public Health. OPEN ACCESS.


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