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Dr. Ngozi Enelamah
University of New Hampshire

Dr. Ngozi Victoria Enelamah is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Work in the College of Health and Human Services, University of New Hampshire. Her work as a researcher and educator draws from an interdisciplinary background and aims to increase awareness and generate evidence to address health disparities in the maternal and child dyad particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, and among Black US-born, immigrant, and refugee families. Her research explores and seeks to bridge gaps in the disparity of health outcomes, intergenerational risk, and protective factors for mental wellbeing and functioning primarily in low resource-constrained and minority communities. Dr. Enelamah has over two decades of experience in macro practice and public health. Dr. Enelamah obtained her terminal degree in Social Work from Boston College.

Selected Publications:

O’Connor, R., Betancourt, T. S., & Enelamah, N. V. (2021). Safeguarding the lives of children affected by Boko Haram: application of the SAFE model of child protection to a rights-based situation analysis. Health and human rights, 23(1), 27.

Frounfelker, R. L., Islam, N., Falcone, J., Farrar, J., Ra, C., Antonaccio, C. M., … & Betancourt, T. S. (2019). Living through war: Mental health of children and youth in conflict-affected areas. International Review of the Red Cross, 101(911), 481-506.

Lombe, M., Mabikke, H., Enelamah, N. V., & Chu, Y. (2019). Conceptualizing the African child as orphan and vulnerable: A label in need of redefinition?. International Social Work, 62(1), 62-75.

Lombe, M., Mabikke, H., & Enelamah, N. V. (2017). Getting to zero: A conversation on the label OVC label and the welfare of children in sub-Saharan Africa. In Henrickson, M. & Chipanta, D. (Eds.) Getting to zero: Global social work responds to HIV. IASSW/UNAIDS Joint Publication, Chapter 6, pp 128-181.


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