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Dr. Sheri Adekola
Humber College

Dr. Sheri Adekola is a social geographer, an interdisciplinary individual, and an accomplished professor. Dr. Adekola is concerned with questions of social inequality and the experiences of marginalized groups in Toronto. Her research and teaching interests address diversity, transnationalism, urbanization, issues of globalization, community development, citizenship, and research methods. More specifically, her work on the civic engagement of African immigrants in Toronto untangles the complex linkages between immigrant struggles for a sense of belonging in Canada, involvement of immigrants in community-development initiatives, and the formation of transnational communities.

Dr. Adekola is passionate about teaching and learning through technology. She brings extensive study, research, and applied teaching methods in research, human/cultural geography, development, and integrating ICT into teaching and learning. Her professional experience also includes a teaching degree and postgraduate-level teaching of several courses on a wide range of topics and disciplines. Dr. Adekola earned her PhD (Geography) at Wilfrid Laurier University, and holds a Master of Education and a Graduate Diploma (Refugee and Migration Studies) from York University, as well as a Bachelor of Education (Adult Education) from Brock University and a Bachelor of Science (Biology) from the University of Ottawa.