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Nadine Finch
University of Bristol

Nadine is an expert in children’s rights and human trafficking law and has undertaken work as a consultant for UNHCR, UNICEF and the OCHCR and has researched and written widely in these areas. She sits on the advisory board for the EU Commission funded project, UNICEF UK’s project on Achieving durable solutions for trafficked children and EU Commission funded project ReACT: Reinforcing Assistance to Child Victims of Trafficking. Currently Honorary Senior Policy Fellow at University of Bristol and Associate of charity, Child Circle.

Selected Publications:

Finch, N. (2012). Return of separated children to countries of origin. In E. Kelly & F. Bokhari (Eds.), Safeguarding children from abroad: Refugee, asylum seeking and trafficked children in the UK (pp. 119-134). Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Finch, N., Shibli, O., and Vaughan, A. (2013). Immigration Practice and Procedure in Family Proceedings. Family Law, Jordan Publishing Limited.