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Professor Christa Fouché
University of Auckland

Professor Christa Fouché is from The University of Auckland, New Zealand, where she holds a shared appointment as Associate Dean (Postgraduate Research) and Professor of Social Work. She is also Director of the Centre for Community Research and Evaluation. Through these roles she is responsible for strategic initiatives related to the development of researchers’ capability and is actively involved in, and supervises, numerous postgraduate and practice-based research projects. Her research focuses on the dynamics of health and social care for migrant and transnational populations and the conceptual, methodological, and contextual challenges of research with vulnerable and marginalized populations. She also worked as a manager, educator, social worker, and consultant in various contexts internationally and effectively managed change, enabled innovation, provided direction, and developed people. Her research outputs evidence impacts and international reach in the research practice nexus of social work and related professions.

Recent refereed Journal Articles related to African Child Migration

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