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Professor Valentina Mazzucato
Maastricht University

Professor Valentina Mazzucato is a professor of Globalisation and Development at Maastricht University. She studies migration between Europe and Africa from a transnational perspective, by focusing on the linkages that migrants forge and maintain between their societies of origin and destination. She studies the consequences of such linkages for migrants, their families, and communities both at home and abroad. Her research is characterised by multi-sited research designs and mixed-method approaches combining survey and ethnographic methods and working in interdisciplinary teams. She heads several international research projects on transnational families that live between Africa and Europe. She currently heads a 5-year project on the Mobility Trajectories of Young Lives in Global South and North (MO-TRAYL) funded under the ERC Consolidator Grant scheme.

Before joining the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Maastricht, Prof. Mazzucato lived and worked in various African countries for over twenty years, focusing on West Africa (Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana).

Selected Publications

Geel, van J. and V. Mazzucato (2020) Building educational resilience through transnational mobility trajectories: Young people between Ghana and The Netherlands. Young [1.160]

Mazzucato, V. (2020) Mixed-method Social Network Analysis for multi-sited transnational migration research. Global Networks-a Journal of Transnational Affairs

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Mazzucato, V. (2015) Guest editor: Transnational families and the well-being of children and caregivers who stay in origin countries. Social Science and Medicine 132 (2015): 208-214. doi: 2014.11.030 [IF 2.558].

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Mazzucato, V. and D. Schans (2011) Transnational families and the well-being of children: Conceptual and methodological challenges. Journal of Marriage and Family 73 (4): 704 – 712 [IF 1.849].

Books and book chapters

International publisher

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